What is Drivn?

Drivn is a usage-based insurance program for commercial fleets and their drivers, designed to make our roads a safer place for everyone. We’ve leveraged our years of experience to create the next generation of connected insurance solutions, specifically designing Drivn for commercial fleets. The program allows road-safety conscious employers and their drivers to convert every safe trip into real benefits. The data from these trips is then used as a badge by participating fleets to show insurers that they are a cut above the rest, resulting in a stronger, more personal relationship and deep potential discounts.


The Drivn App

The app (soon available for iOS and Android smartphone) records, scores and generously rewards every trip based on individual safety and fuel economy performance.

After downloading the Drivn app, commercial drivers are evaluated based on their real driving skills and instantly begin earning coins from every safe trip driven. These coins can then be redeemed for gift cards and other prizes.

By enrolling in Drivn, commercial fleet operators gain a deep understanding of their drivers' performance, allowing them to reward the best and bolster their driver safety initiatives.


The Fleet Portal 

The Drivn portal provides a 360° overview of your fleet operations. It includes a live map view of all your assets, a leaderboard for drivers and the ability to report based on trips, dangerous events, and more.

In the future, insurance interactions such as quotes, policies, updates, invoices & payments will be managed directly from your portal.


Creating Safer Roads with Drivn


Permanent Driver Score

An immutable and representative record of driver performance.


Vehicle Tracking

See where all of your assets are in real time.


Road Safety

Encourage safe driving.


Online Reporting

See live and historical performance data.


Co-Pilot Telemetry

Integrated GPS receiver more for more precise data.


Live Map

See everything in real time.



Put safe driving at the core of your culture. Coming Soon!


Rewards Store

The carrot is better than the stick. Coming Soon!



Message colleagues instantly.


An Ecosystem for Change

Connecting drivers, fleet managers and insurers does more than just increase how safe our roads are, it allows each participant to understand what their impact is on the road. We created Drivn because we believe safety is a collective effort that is entirely dependent on that understanding.

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Get Rewarded for Safe Driving

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Drivn is specifically designed for fleets & drivers in an initiative to make our roads safer for all. With the Drivn app, you’ll receive feedback on your driving in real time and safe driving tips. You’ll earn rewards with every safe trip completed and compete for the top spot on the Driver leaderboard!

Join in and become an essential part of a road safety program making roads safer & saving lives!